Gokul is a New York city-based filmmaker born and raised in Tamil Nadu, India. Growing up in Tamil Nadu, a region rich in folklore and mythology, Gokul developed a profound appreciation for the macabre and the art of crafting spine-chilling narratives. He believes that horror films possess the power to challenge conventions, confront fears, and spark meaningful conversations. Gokul's unique cinematic vision blends his cultural roots with the vibrant energy of New York city, infusing his horror films with a distinct blend of cultural nuances and urban sensibilities.
When Gokul is not writing or directing his passion projects, he showcases his skills as a talented video editor. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of storytelling techniques, Gokul seamlessly weaves together visuals, sound, and narrative to create compelling and impactful stories. Through his work as a video editor, Gokul has collaborated with companies like Sony Music, TEDx, Rek Films & Vocal Network for a diverse range of projects, including promos, music videos, short films, and narrative features. He's currently editing his first horror feature "Bury them with your smile"

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